Private Equity for the Lower Middle Market

Our Values

A founding philosophy of how we operate SouthPointe and engage with others is reflected in the phrase “It Matters How We Do Business.” It matters how we treat each other, our partners, our industry, and the communities we live and invest in.

To ensure we are living up to our philosophy, we strive every day to follow these principles and values:

  • Mutual RespectWe all have different experiences and backgrounds, and that is what makes each of us unique. We are better people and get better business results when we allow our collective experiences to be included in our business activities and personal interactions, and that only happens when we respect and listen to each other.
  • GratitudeWe recognize that there are many people who helped us get to where we are in our life and business. Acknowledging and showing gratitude honors their contributions to our success and keeps us humble.
  • CharacterDo all things honestly, truthfully, and with integrity. Leave things better than you found them, even if people aren’t watching.
  • AccountabilityDo what you commit to, and when you say you will do it. Respect other people’s effort and time, and exhibit a sense of urgency and timeliness.
  • CommunicationThe teams and relationships that flourish get there because they aren’t guessing and assuming or wasting effort. They don’t make those mistakes because they share a vision and plan and never stop communicating it with each other.
  • HustleWork hard, stay curious and never stop learning. Always make the extra effort and keep trying to get better.